Wendzki sznyt ( Vandal-scarred)


"Wendzki sznyt" is another  historical discoveries related to the culture of Pomerania and its eternal inhabitants, whose ethnography is still associated with the term "Vends".
The album, which is a continuation of the band's fascination, repeats this time a mystery related to the maritime pirates of the Viking period, not shunning at the same time the hit songs typical for Żywiołak with the lyrics of even the favorite Bolesław Leśmian or music and lyrics from the works of Oskar Kolberg or Łucjan Kamieński
"Wendzki sznyt" is a furrow engraved in the minds of band members by the Baltic breeze and another anthropological discoveries and artistic elation, which like the adventures of Indiana Jones reveal to us another forgotten pages of our history.
With his fascination, Żywiołak also infected a host of guests who, in a very apt way, brought their colorful creations to the album.
The album was made in Tu Wolno Palić Studio in Warsaw and Uniq Studio in Wrocław. Its production has traditionally been taken care of by Robert Jaworski in cooperation with Mikołaj Jarząbek. Szymon "Spox" Kurek is responsible for mastering this time. The unique cover is the work of Kuba Sokólski.
The publishing house was released by Karrot Komando in 2019

1.Christiana mare
2.Morski król
3.We cnocie
6.Oj ty kanio
7.Dzień ósmy
8.Boga nie znawszy
9.Klątwa Wendów
11.Anomalia kaszubskie
13.Wendzki sznyt


Pieśni pół/nocy (Mid/North Songs)


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Żywiołak are back with a new album, inspired this time by Pomeranian folk culture. Modern musical production collides with the rare sounds of unusual, archaic instruments like the hurdy-gurdy, the Gdańsk gusli and lute.

Their latest album, entitled Mid/North Songs, focuses on Polish Pomeranian culture. This is more than just a midnight journey through the remote reaches of Northern Poland. It is an invitation to an utterly forgotten world which, for Żywiołak, was brought back from oblivion by (for instance) Oskar Kolberg in his monumental manuscript Volume 39: POMERANIA.

Starting from this unique “encyclopaedia of ancient Pomeranian culture” Żywiołak delved even further into key works by researchers, culturologists, ethnographers and poets linked to Pomerania, using the music they unearthed to transport listeners into a completely forgotten world, for centuries bounded to the south by the River Noteć. It seems implausible these days, but at least the Kashub language has survived to prove how much we still have left to learn about contemporary Poland’s cultural heritage.

Mid/North Songs is an honest Polish view of a wide area that used to be culturally detached from Poland.
Mid/North Songs investigates the controversies and secrets of our history.
Mid/North Songs introduces more characters from Slavic folk demonology.
Mid/North Songs invokes cultural phenomena seemingly frozen in time.
Mid/North Songs is the music of the last of the Veneti, as restored by Żywiołak.

Recorded at Agrorecording and Tu Wolno Palić studios.
Produced by Robert Jaworski, co-produced and mixed by Mikołaj Jarząbek, and mastered at Studio As One.
The fantastic artwork was designed by Kuba Sokólski.


1.Vandalia incognita
2. Dens makabreska
3. Z Chełmińskiego
4. Stuch
5. Zëmia
6. Syreny
7. Og?
8. Hela
9. Wionek
10. Łopi
11. Żona i ksiądz
12. Stulla mannaz
13. Bagienna królowa
14. Zabôczono matka
15. Zdziczenie obyczajów kaszubskich
16. Z Zakrzówka
17. Feretronem być
18. Scynanie kani
19. Ścinanie kani
20. Wrëjowanié
21. Bóstwa
22. Po morze

Muzyka psychoaktywnego stolema  (Psychoactive Stolem Music)

Here are the next release the band in the form of EP . There are five tracks this time. The melodies are enriched by parable of elderly Cassubian Stanislaw Szroeder . It comes from volume Pomerania of a polish ethnographer – Oskar Kolberg.

1. Idziemy z kanią
2. Stanisław Szroeder I
3. Skrzeble
4. Stanisław Szroeder II
5. Żona i ksiądz
6. Stanisław Szroeder III
7. Z Chełmińskiego
8. Stanisław Szroeder IV
9. Pruski żołnierz

Globalna wiocha (The global Village).

This album is a present-day tale, a voyage through the modern world, says Robert Wasilewski, announcing “Globalna Wiocha`s” imminent premiere. The album was assembled according to a well thought-out concept. It`s music and lyrics cross a wide palette of moods, from rebellious to pensive, via satire. We were guided by the spirit of Fryderyk Chopin incarnate in the form of a Gnome. A crazy idea? But what is our world like? How do we Poles fit into it, and what demons torment us nowadays? We have tried to tackle these questions in songs covering a variety of styles and moods. In order to handle this monstrous, elemental concept, Żywiołak`s neofolk instruments had to be capable of matching the mixed influences folk, world music, ragga, oriental disco, rock`n`roll, metal, glamrock, psychobilly, ska, twist. Consequently, despite its serious themes, the album has a lot of catchy, rhythmical, and rather danceable compositions. The CD comes packaged in a fascinating case that has a few surprises.
1. Mój miły rolniku (My Dear Farmer)
2. Krasnal Rebel Song (Gnome Rebel Song)
3. Moskwa (Moscow)
4. Sieć (The Web)
5. Neurowizja (Neurovision)
6. Istanbul
7. Grzybobranie (Mushroom-Picking)
8. Pieśń słoneczna (Sunny Song)
9. Berlin
10. Pogaństwo (Poganism II)
11. Wiochmen pogo (Redneck Pogo)
12. Oslo

Nowa mix-tradycja (The New Mix-Tradition)

The band invited friends and producers to collaborate in the making of this CD. Wieloryb, Christopher Juul, Dubbist, VanChesco and others agreed to pass Żywiołak songs through electronic and analogue devices, moulding them in their own way to give them a unique artistic twist. The result was a CD full of musical surprises, new rhythms, and amazing contemporary arrangements. Roberto DELIRA Jaworski tells us what led to its creation:
I`ve heard dozens of similar productions. It was mostly remixes of folk songs that inspired me to create my own material. They were an incredibly relevant combination and collision of two different aesthetic principles: sampled live instruments and modern electronic elements, usually beats. That`s the kind of music I wanted to make, but with live energy kindled by human hands. To put it simply, I could say that`s how I got the idea for this Żywiołak project. I was curious as to whether we could achieve something new by “regressing” the process, keeping the inspiration of remixes while using our own “living” hands. But that`s already a question for our listeners now.Asked what was his favourite remix, Robert Wasilewski replied:
The remix by Chris from Valravn. He had a much harder task than the others because he doesn`t understand a word of Polish. He asked me if his vision was consistent with the Polish lyrics. In my opinion, it was sensational. It`s remarkable how he did it without even having a translation. He elicited all that was needed and even more, marrying Scandinavian cold and darkness to the Slavonic nostalgia.The album also contains an additional bonus track “Mój Miły Rolniku” (My Dear Farmer). Unlike the rest of the tracks, this is a new Żywiołak song, well known from concerts, and is included as a trailer for the next studio album.
1. Fascinatio (Dariusz VanChesco Wancerz Remix)
2. Turek (Wieloryb Remix)
3. Oko Dybuka (Dym Remix)
4. Femina Astral Mix (Ephemeris Remix)
5. Latawce Remixed (Christopher Juul Remix)
6. Petre (Paweł Rychert Remix)
7. Ballada O Głupim Wiesławie (Dym Remix)
8. Świdryga (Wieloryb Remix)
9. Psychoteka (Dubbist Remix)
10. Żywiołak (Wieloryb Remix)
11. Mój Miły Rolniku (My Dear Farmer)

Nowa ex-tradycja
(New Ex-Tradition)

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A new look at traditions which would seem to have disappeared altogether. This is a meeting with ancient Slavonic beliefs that are sometimes taken very seriously, and sometimes with a pinch of salt.

Work on the material and recording took nearly two years to complete. It was recorded at KingsTone Studio, Warsaw. The CD was mixed by Mateusz Skalski who, along with Robert Jaworski, was in charge of the whole musical production. It was mastered by Tomasz Rogula of TR Studio, with graphic design by Jakub Sokólski, and was released on Karrot Kommando records.

1. Oj a na Jana Kupała (Oh, on Jan Kupala Day)
2. Wojownik (Warrior)
3. Epopeja Wandalska (The Vandal Epic)
4. Latawce (Kites)
5. Wiły (Wilas)
6. Oj Ty Petre Petre (Oh, You, Peter, Peter)
7. Czarodzielnica (Night of Fire)
8. Oko Dybuka (Eye of the Dybbuk)
9. Psychoteka (Psychotheque)
10. Ballada o Głupim Wiesławie (The Ballad of Foolish Wieslaw)
11. Femina
12. Żywiołak (Elemental)
13. Oj Ty Janie Sobótkowy (Oh, You, Jan Sobótka)

The CD also includes a bonus video entitled Noc Kupały (Kupala Night), directed by Bartek Cierlica.


Muzyka psychodelicznej świtezianki (Psychedelic Świtezianka Music)


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The band`s first EP. Two of the tracks: Świdryga i Midryga (Świdryga and Midryga) and Pogaństwo (Paganism) are only available on this CD, released on Karrot Kommando records.

1. Psychoteka (Psychotheque)
2. Oko Dybuka (Eye of the Dybbuk)
3. Świdryga i Midryga (Świdryga and Midryga)
4. Pogaństwo (Paganism)
5. Psychoteka (Radio Mix)

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